The IMS Group is a leader in the production and sale of upholstered and wooden furniture in almost all segments of the furniture industry market in Europe. The offer includes complete solutions for residential, office, dining and bedroom rooms. The IMS Group includes IMS Sofa and IMS Helvetia, which work closely together. Thanks to the synergy of companies, it is possible to optimize production and logistics processes, technological development and mutual promotion of products. IMS Group’s portfolio includes following brands: Bydgoskie Meble, Etap Sofa, Be Type and IMS Helvetia.


Sofa is the centre of home life.

And when the family is the most important, you need enough space to stay close.

How do we know that? From experience. We have been making furniture since 1884.

Our craftsmen, as before, hand-mold and sew precious leathers from proven tanneries. Each blemish has its own individual character, thickness and gloss. Just like any sofa from our collections. And every family that puts it in their living room.

We understand it perfectly.

That is why our sofas – solid and spacious, are also surprisingly light and mobile. Modular furniture can be moved, enlarged or reduced. We adapt to you. All in all, life does not stand still, and the needs of the family change over time. You do not have to change your sofa, to always have a space where you can stay and just enjoy the time with those you love.

Classic forms, gentle lines of backrests and armrests, soft seats

– a perfect frame for long conversations under a blanket, with hot tea. And when guests are so comfortable that they want to stay longer – a cleverly hidden sleeping place will become useful.
Everyone will find a place for themselves here. Their favourite.