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Natural leather


The Naturelle group includes natural, corrected leathers with a regular, fine pattern emphasizing their elegance. The selection of the proper furniture material ensures durability and resistance to external conditions, while the carefully finished surface makes cleaning and maintenance easier. Naturelle leathers are available in a wide range of colors.

0,9–1,1 mm
Embossing patt ern: Madras


Natural leathers from the Evolution group are characterized by their refined, corrected surface with attractive large grain imprints. The selection of high quality material and professional surface finishing process make the leathers from this group exceptionally durable, at the same time retaining their original appearance and ease of maintenance and cleaning. Covers made of Evolution natural leathers are characterized by matte or semi-matte surface, highlighting their elegant appearance.

1,3–1,5 mm
Embossing pattern: Dolaro


The softness and flexibility of the natural leathers from the Prestige (I) group are achieved through, among others, the careful selection of material. The natural origin of the leather is confirmed by the marks and moles visible on its surface, which emphasize the unique nature of every piece of furniture upholstery. The matte or semi-matte surface of Prestige (I) leathers additionally accentuates their luxurious appearance, while professional tanning provides the desired durability.
The South American leathers from the Prestige (M) group are very slightly corrected natural leathers, characterized by an attractive pattern and slightly glossy surface. Thanks to the selection of the perfect material and the use of professional tanning procedures, the leathers from this group are both durable and exceptionally soft. This unique combination of features makes furniture upholstery made of Prestige (M) leathers very comfortable and long-lasting. The appropriate finishing of the leather’s Surface guarantees easy maintenance and cleaning of the cover.

0,9–1,1 mm
Natural leather: Milano (I)

1,2–1,4 mm
Natural leather: Modena (M)

Prestige +

The Prestige + group is a selection of soft and resilient leathers, tanned and colored with natural aniline dyes in order to create furniture upholstery with the desired properties.
Prestige + (K) leathers are refined in the process of delicate, manual polishing, which provides them with a unique, fluffy appearance and high durability. Manual leather tanning, performed by highly qualified craftsmen, makes every piece unique.
Prestige + (R) leathers owe their softness and luxury appearance to surface polishing and waxing. The refinement processes undergone by Prestige + (R) leathers ensure high esthetics of the surface as well as its durability.
Prestige + (G) leather – is slightly corrected, which is why they have visible, typical characters on the surface, such as: scars, insect bites, veins and other features. Their soft semi-aniline finishing with Vintage effect gives the leather a great soft touch and a luxury appearance.
Prestige + (MF) leather is a semi-aniline leather with a soft grip and durable satin finish. The original structure and natural imperfections of the hide remain visible till a certain extent, which emphasizes the genuineness of leather. This combined with a wear resistant finish makes it a durable type leather.

Rancho (R): thickness: 1,2–1,4 mm
Kenya (K): thickness 1,3–1,5 mm
Granada (G): thickness1,2- 1,4 mm
Massif (MF): thickness1,2- 1,4 mm

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